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May/June 2010
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Elesha Coffman
Limiting family size in early America.
Alan Jacobs
What is historical fiction?
Mark Noll
American prose and the King James Bible.
Sarah Hinlicky Wilson
The improbable life of Elisabeth Behr-Sigel
Jon A. Shields
An assumption-challenging study of the pro-life movement.
Elrena Evans
Pregnancy in Israel and Japan.
Christian Smith
Revisiting “religious experience.”
Andy Crouch
A call to "faithful presence."
Lauren F. Winner
Should Christians conceal their religious identity in the public square?
C. John Sommerville
A society without God?
Crystal Downing
Photos by Kathy Hettinga.
Doug Howard
The testimony of a self-described former terrorist.
Roger Olsen
Randy Balmer's brief history of American evangelicalism.
Timothy Larsen
The twins who discovered an ancient Syriac version of the four gospels.
Naomi Schaefer Riley
Jenny Sanford’s memoir.
Charles Mathewes
Looking for common ground with liberalism.
Daniel Ritchie
There were many.
Laurance Wieder
India's earliest epic.
Sara Miller
He didn’t need a lot of words to go deep.
Susan Wise Bauer
Stranger in a Strange Land: John Wilson
Luci Shaw
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