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January/February 2010
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Jason Byassee
Justice and grace.
Mark Noll
From 1789 to 1815, in Gordon Wood's telling.
John Wilson
Alan Jacobs
Samuel Johnson and the power of sympathy.
Katherine Jeffrey
Situating The Shack in a Christian literary landscape.
Andy Crouch
World Christianity and American churches.
Leah Seppanen Anderson
Conflicting reports.
Lauren F. Winner
Three fresh angles on religion in the American South.
Aaron Belz
Robert Burns, biographied.
John H. McWhorter
The bounty of the "Dinosaur Renaissance."
Mark Galli
Intimations of the divine in a well-executed screen pass.
Arthur Menke
A Jewish track star of the early 20th century.
Gerald R. McDermott
Jonathan Edwards and American culture.
Alan Wolfe
Back to the fray with E.D. Hirsch.
Mark Walhout
Modern Italy through one writer's complicated life.
S.T. Karnick
The fate of secularism.
Elissa Elliott
Human, all too human.
Brett Foster
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