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Susan Wise Bauer

A Note to Our Readers

Back in 1997, Books & Culture published the first book review/essay I ever wrote. It was a piece about Stephen King's horror novels and redemption, and Books & Culture was the only magazine I'd ever seen that was interested in both. When my copy arrived I discovered that Jean Bethke Elshtain, Mark Noll, David Lyle Jeffrey, Larry Woiwode, and Philip Yancey (among others) were occupying the pages with me, doing the same thing I was doing: thinking about our faith and its relationship to everything. I'd found good company.

That was over a decade ago, and Books & Culture has been introducing Christian thinkers to each other ever since. Now you're part of our company, so give us a hand. If you can send a check of support, please do. But don't leave it at that. Give a subscription to your doctor, dentist, and orthodontist. (How delighted I'd have been, back in 1997, to discover Books & Culture instead of Car & Driver in my doctor's waiting room!) Give a subscription to your local library. Buy two subscriptions for yourself; leave the extra copies on park benches and in hotel rooms. Help us find a few more kindred spirits; we can't wait to meet them.

—Susan Wise Bauer is the author most recently of The Medieval World: From the Conversion of Constantine to the First Crusade (Norton), the second installment of a projected four-volume history of the world.

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