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A history of American shantytowns.
Leveraging the transient into the eternal.
Reformations, plural.
Protestantism and its legacies.
Filling in a neglected part of the story.
Revisiting the defining moment in Ireland's struggle for independence.
Isaac Newton with contradictions intact.
A conversation with Mark Noll.
Who measures up?
A robustly counter-revisionist history of England.
Heroic failure often masked ruthlessness.
Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation.
The modest but stifled ambitions of Julia Ward Howe.
Christianity and the labor movement in Chicago.
Reagan and the US in the 1980s.
On George Marsden.
From David Bebbington to David Barton.
A history of the American Bible Society.
“Anyone who gives alms to the poor is lending to the Lord.”
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