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Religion & Theology
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A conversation with Richard B. Hays.
The Gospels, memory, and oral tradition.
The church as a unified and serving body.
Crossing borders with Dennis Covington.
Reformations, plural.
Protestantism and its legacies.
Church conflict in Papua New Guinea.
The crucifixion and resurrection changed everything.
Evolutionary violence and the Fall.
A history of the American Bible Society.
“Anyone who gives alms to the poor is lending to the Lord.”
Three commentaries on Philippians.
Francis Watson on the "fourfold Gospel."
Katherine Sonderegger’s doctrine of God.
John Henry Newman as novelist.
Muslim immigrants to Britain and the claims of multiculturalism.
Who were—and are—the Samaritans?
A conversation with Jack Miles.
Part 1 in an occasional series.
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