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July/August 2010
A dual biography.
The connection between political philosophy and presidential effectiveness.
Recovering a forgotten tradition.
A successor to Reinhold Niebuhr.
They're nice, but they don't know how to think.
Sabbath-keeping reconsidered.
A conversation with Adam Zagajewski.
Love of books, love of reading: not the same thing.
The enigmatic life of Knut Hamsun.
Changing conceptions of the afterlife.
A history of modern Italy.
A film that mines pain’s treasures.
No wall of separation.
On the front lines of the battle against sex trafficking and forced prostitution.
The contested terrain of moral education.
A film about the Baader Meinhof Group.
America and the revolutions of 1848.
The life of Friedrich Engels.
The Communist Manifesto Oratorio.
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