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March/April 2016
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Alissa Wilkinson
Appreciating an art in its own right.
Alan Jacobs
On Robert Macfarlane.
John Copeland Nagle
Hiking as a spiritual practice.
Helen Andrews
Clerical celibacy in France, 1720-1815.
Kimlyn Bender
A generous orthodoxy.
Michael Toscano
Majid Majidi’s films are love-songs to God.
Roy Anker
The Force is real.
Donald A. Yerxa
Terrible, yes; not pointless.
John Witte, Jr.
Assessing an influential revisionist account.
Sarah Ruden
Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley.
Philip Jenkins
The life of Walatta Petros.
Michael Ledger-Lomas
The Kingdom of God in East London.
Tae Sung
On mass incarceration.
Jane Zwart
David Mitchell’s pendant to 'The Bone Clocks'.
Sørina Higgins
A long-awaited biography of Charles Williams.
Don W. King
The first full life of Joy Davidman in a generation.
Paul J. Willis
A memorable evening in Santa Barbara.
Malcolm Forbes
The formative years of T. S. Eliot.
David Lyle Jeffrey
An escape into reality.
B. D. McClay
Clothes and the culture wars.
Stranger in a Strange Land: Susan Wise Bauer
Brett Foster
Luci Shaw
David Bebbington
Part 1 in an occasional series.
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