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January/February 2016
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Timothy Larsen
The offense of unrepentant chastity.
Alan Jacobs
Never mind nominalism: look to the bishops & lawyers.
Naomi Schaefer Riley
The sanctity of personal worldview choice.
Anna Sutherland
A new study focuses on African Americans and Latinos.
Stephen N. Williams
Not least for his medicinal efficacy.
James K. A. Smith
Unapologetic Canadianness keeps the conversation lively.
Michael A. Skaggs
New beginnings for Catholic-Jewish relations.
Wesley Hill
The disruptive Christ-event.
Scot McKnight
What God's gift entails.
Alister Chapman
How Thatcherite privatization has played out.
Andrea Palpant Dilley
Note: the Church has been working on this project for centuries.
Ronald J. Sider
Distinguishing speculation from historical fact.
Peter T. Chattaway
Sarah Ruden
South Africa's prospects.
Alissa Wilkinson
The world as Joan Didion sees it.
Thom Satterlee
On Jeanne Murray Walker.
D. L. Mayfield
A memoir in fragments.
Betty Smartt Carter
How to get away without setting off alarms.
Bobby Jamieson
Surfin' safari.
James McCullough
Trevor Hart's theology of art.
Stephen Westich
Recalling the work of Hildreth Meière.
Bruce Herman
Joel Sheesley's "Lincoln Marsh Journal."
Stranger in a Strange Land: Jeffrey Bilbro
Aaron Belz
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