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July/August 2016
How Hamilton reimagines the Founding.
Buckley, Mailer, and Herman Hoeksema.
The modest but stifled ambitions of Julia Ward Howe.
"Cheerful agnosticism"?
The crucifixion and resurrection changed everything.
Evolutionary violence and the Fall.
Christianity and the labor movement in Chicago.
Reagan and the US in the 1980s.
On George Marsden.
From David Bebbington to David Barton.
A history of the American Bible Society.
“Anyone who gives alms to the poor is lending to the Lord.”
Three commentaries on Philippians.
Francis Watson on the "fourfold Gospel."
Katherine Sonderegger’s doctrine of God.
Malick, catching the soul in motion.
"Risen" + "Hail, Caesar!"
Education as "character-forming."
A conversation between novelists.
The practice of creative collaboration.
John Henry Newman as novelist.
“There is nothing free except the Grace of God.”
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