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September/October 2015
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Philip Jenkins
Early Christian-Muslim encounters.
Timothy Larsen
British converts, 1850-1950.
D. L. Mayfield
Missionary shipwreck.
Naomi Haynes
Or, In Praise of Small Acts.
Amy Peterson
A quietly powerful memoir.
David Skeel
Unintended consequences.
Todd C. Ream
A conversation with Shirley Mullen.
Nicholas Wolterstorff
Calling a halt before the theological riddle is solved.
Robert Bishop
Yeti, Nessie, et al.
Susan Wise Bauer
Steven Weinberg on modern science.
Mark Noll
Liberal evangelicalism: a case study.
Christopher Gehrz
The case for "reclaiming" Pietism.
John Schmalzbauer
Moody Bible Institute and corporate evangelicalism.
David Bebbington
A first-rate history of Baptists in America.
Paul Willis
A Wheaton freshman, 40+ years ago.
Alan Jacobs
On Les Murray.
Helen Andrews
Helen Vendler's idolatry.
Lauren F. Winner
"Language under pressure."
Hannah Faith Notess
Wisława Szymborska, reluctant Nobel Laureate.
Michael Robbins
An exercise in the dominant period style.
Jane Zwart
A conversation with Christian Wiman.
Sarah Ruden
On Anders Breivik.
Ruchama King Feuerman
Her name is Kenya.
Linda McCullough Moore
The stories of Joy Williams.
Rachel Marie Stone
On Laura Ingalls Wilder.
Emily Raboteau
Isaac Babel's virtuosity.
Betty Smartt Carter
Reading "The Master and Margarita" for the first time.
Stranger in a Strange Land: Brett Foster
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