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January/February 2015
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Stranger in a Strange Land: Amy Peterson
Mark Noll
The inner life of an 18th-century Protestant capitalist.
Timothy Larsen
Mrs. Humphry Ward’s “Robert Elsmere.”
Malcolm Forbes
A genially revisionist biography.
Lisa Ohlen Harris
A truth-telling memoir.
Andrea Palpant Dilley
The story of a marriage.
Kimberlee Conway Ireton
A curiously selective look at evangelicals and sex.
Alan Jacobs
Automation and human responsibility.
Justin Taylor
George Whitefield sans hagiography.
Peter Choi
Whitefield’s place in American history.
Roberta Green Ahmanson
Citizens of this world—and of the New Jerusalem.
Amy L. B. Peeler
A 1st-century Christian and a 9th-century church in Rome.
Daniel Taylor
Reading Tomáš Halík.
Robert Gundry
Pandora’s, that is.
John H. McWhorter
The genius of Bernstein’s theater scores.
Mark Peters
Jeremy Begbie’s “essays in listening.”
Sarah Ruden
The religion of calculation.
Jonathan Hiskes
Extinction in progress.
Alister Chapman
On Thomas Malthus.
Sarina G. Moore
Formidable Hannah More.
D. L. Mayfield
Clutching at any appearance of control.
Linda McCullough Moore
Here is living that we recognize.
Micah Mattix
When a poem is “too clear, you see nothing.”
Tom Shippey
And the year that changed his course.
Jessica Hooten Wilson
Milton and his “epic to end all epics.”
Scott Cairns
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