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Brett Foster
A look back at some highlights of the year.
John Wilson
From "America's Nazi Secret" to "Zift."
Paul Grant
Cold War America's aid projects in Asia.
Molly Worthen
"Countermodernism" and Cold War America.
Thomas S. Kidd
Remembering the Antifederalists.
Sarah Scherf
Finding freedom in openness with others.
Brett Foster
Remembering a Renaissance spring in wintertime.
John Wilson
And Books & Culture's Book of the Year
Joseph Bottum
Seamus Heaney's new collection nurses the flame.
Lauren Winner
Why I still use cookbooks.
Christopher Benson
Science and Scripture: beware of simplifiers.
Marcus Goodyear
Some poets forget how to chase the ball.
Lauren Winner
Explicating a long-lost Civil War painting.
Amy Black
Memoirs by Tony Blair and George W. Bush
Linda McCullough Moore
How to say the unsayable.
Lauren Winner
A comic novel about the "quotidian resentments" of married life.
Lauren Winner
A memoir of friendship, grief, and dog-walking.
Julie Lane-Gay
An irresistible addition to your cookbook shelf.
Lauren Winner
A first-rate account of the Dreyfus Affair.
Timothy Larsen
The foremost historian of anthropology turns his gaze on his own history.
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