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Does poetry make us human?
The new book by the author of "Seabiscuit."
Reading the Bible with Southern Sudanese Christians.
A critique of the Tea Party's version of American history.
A timely account of democracy's always messy give-and-take.
Reading Thomas Browne for Halloween.
David Ulin's memoirish defense of reading "in a distracted time."
A new perspective on racial reconciliation in Mississippi.
The third installment in the adventures of Chet and Bernie
Recovering the history behind the slogans.
Did Americans have less freedom after the Revolution?
A splendid annotated edition of Jane Austen's most famous novel.
Andrei Codrescu teaches a class, reminisces, howls, and ruminates.
A diverting ramble on the history of the finger.
A sprightly mixture of memoir and history of science.
A new novel by Rick Bass, on fame and its cruel vagaries.
The pleasures of (re-) reading Barbara Holland.
Michael Connelly's dark but hopeful world.
Mary Midgley's tonic against misreading Darwin.
An intensely personal history of a ubiquitous cell line.
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