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July/August 2015
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Matthew Kaemingk
The radical alternative of Abraham Kuyper.
Holly Ordway
A memoir of conversion, revised.
Joel Robbins
The curious case of Christianity in the history of anthropology.
Matthew Dickerson
Everything is connected.
Jonathan Reimer
Ambrose, Augustine, and the "lived experience" of 4th-century baptism.
Douglas Wilson
Rousas Rushdoony and Christian Reconstruction.
Rachel Marie Stone
On Elizabeth Zimmermann.
Alan Jacobs
"Who are you and why?"
Mark Hutchinson
Lessons from Catholic higher education.
Peter T. Chattaway
Films about Jesus from the Middle East.
Rick Kennedy
The mission to California.
Rudy Nelson
Another look at Christianity and gangs in Guatemala.
Sarah Ruden
A snotty jeremiad.
Aleah Marsden
The tale of an anchoress.
David A. Hoekema
The 1996 Uganda kidnappings.
Philip Jenkins
Boko Haram.
Jeffrey W. Barbeau
Methodism and English Romanticism.
Jane Zwart
Toni Morrison's "God Help the Child."
David McNutt
The Lost Man Booker Prize.
Micah Mattix
LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka in correspondence with Edward Dorn.
Stranger in a Strange Land: John Fea
Tania Runyan
Marly Youmans
Randall J. VanderMey
Dayna Clemens
Raymond Chandler and the world of noir.
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