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Randall J. VanderMey

Amazon Review

For Greg Spencer on his 60th birthday

Ignore the one toxic critic
online. Read the five, instead,
who find you necessary to their lives.
Take a walk, instead,
attentive to the agitation of the snails,
the dog's arthritic limp. At the fork
of broad and narrow ways,
go right, toward life.
Though hurt, be innocent,
Unhurt in spirit; champion
that fleeting kind.
And where you are,
there be, and what you are
be inside out; give courage back
its single heart.
Don't gaze ahead
yet know the path, before, behind,
the cottage door, the sainted shrine.
Among the palmers, by the hour,
walk along;
admire the flower,
no, more, when lightning crack
and thunder wrack precipitate
the daily shower, genuflect.
It is the Lord's own way.
Go not another, even unto death,
but in his mercy's bowl hold all your hope.
And so
may you be full,
and fully free,
generous in mind and hand;
may you be of that noble band.
You see, I've read your book—
marveling to find
that it quite
read me.
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—Randall J. VanderMey

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