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Mark Noll et al.
A symposium 25 years on.
Catherine Woodiwiss
A great-granddaughter assembles fragments of a lost history.
Philip Jenkins
Early Christian-Muslim encounters.
Timothy Larsen
British converts, 1850-1950.
David Skeel
Unintended consequences.
Mark Noll
Liberal evangelicalism: a case study.
John Schmalzbauer
Moody Bible Institute and corporate evangelicalism.
David Bebbington
A first-rate history of Baptists in America.
Jonathan Reimer
Ambrose, Augustine, and the "lived experience" of 4th-century baptism.
Rick Kennedy
The mission to California.
Philip Jenkins
Boko Haram.
Stranger in a Strange Land: John Fea
Richard A. Bailey
"A seminary for the education of heathen youth."
Lauren F. Winner
In early America, stepfamilies were everywhere.
Michael Ledger-Lomas
A tale of ten cities.
Tom Shippey
The Peasants' Revolt of 1381.
Daniel Walker Howe
Louisa Catherine, that is.
John G. Turner
From "Damned Nation" to "American Apocalypse."
Elesha Coffman
Bestsellers of liberal American religion.
Mark Noll
Two stories about American evangelicals.
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