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Philip Yancey
A southern Bible college in the 1960s.
Mark Noll
Cross-cultural studies of “biblicism.”
Stephen J. Lennox
Theological interpretation of Scripture.
Natalia Marandiuc
A conversation with classicist Sarah Ruden.
Frederica Mathewes-Green
Iconography during the Soviet era.
Jeremy Begbie
The first millennium of singers in the Christian West.
Roy Anker
On the films of Terrence Malick.
Timothy Larsen
The modernists' fascination with Knossos.
David Lyle Jeffrey
An irreducible complexity.
Molly Worthen
What Reinhold Niebuhr, Billy Graham, and Paul Tillich had in common.
Nicholas Wolterstorff
Michael Sandel’s understanding of justice.
Virginia Stem Owens
Lady Jane Grey and her sisters.
Philip Jenkins
A master historian’s summing up of World War II.
Amy Reynolds and Catherine H. Crouch
Modest progress on science-and-religion.
Lyman A. Kellstedt, James L. Guth, Corwin E. Smidt, and John C. Green
Clergy and politics in the United States: new trends.
Lauren Winner
Letter-writing in the 18th century.
Brett Foster
John Keats’ letters to Fanny Brawne.
Jane Zwart
A guide to navigating the postcolonial world.
Michael Ward
Tamed by Venus.
Joseph Bottum
A lost novel by Donald Westlake.
Betty Smartt Carter
A parable for our times.
John Wilson
Stranger in a Strange Land: John Wilson
Amy Julia Becker
Laurance Wieder
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