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John Wilson

A Note to Our Readers

Amid the most far-reaching changes in publishing since the introduction of the printing press, it may seem presumptuous to mark the 15th anniversary of Books & Culture, but the occasion is nevertheless cause for celebration. Thanks are due. First to you, our readers, for your subscriptions and your generous gifts. To our faithful advertisers. To the Pew Charitable Trusts, whose support made the launch of B&C possible. To Joel Carpenter, who was present at the creation, and to Luis Lugo, who followed Joel at Pew. To Robert Sloan and David Lyle Jeffrey, for help from Baylor University. To Gaylen Byker and Calvin College, for sustained support. To Henry Smith, David Wright, and Jerry Pattengale, for current support from Indiana Wesleyan University. To Walter Hansen, our angel. To Harold Myra, Paul Robbins, Harold Smith, and Keith Stonehocker, who have maintained Christianity Today International's commitment to B&C though thick and thin, and to everyone in-house. To our editorial board, and especially to Mark Noll. To Klaus Ernst. And, last but not least, to our writers. Thank you.

John Wilson,

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