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P.C. Kemeny
An even-handed assessment.
Robert Elder
Racialized images of Christ.
Bruce Hindmarsh
Gender, emotion, medicine, electricity …
John G. Turner
How early Mormons regarded death.
Stephen H. Webb
The life and legacy of Brigham Young.
Betty Smartt Carter
The Mitfords.
Matt Lundin
Already forgiven in Christ.
Daniel A. Siedell
A Lutheran understanding of culture and vocation.
Donald A. Yerxa
Lessons from World War II.
Alister Chapman
The British Empire in the 18th century.
Timothy Larsen
Victorian Poetry and biblical criticism.
Thomas Albert Howard
How should we commemorate the Reformation?
Dale Van Kley
Brad Gregory's "Unintended Reformation."
Brad S. Gregory
Ahead of his time.
Lenore T. Ealy
James D. Bratt
Eric Miller, John Fea, Jay Green
Paul D. Miller
No, not "the graveyard of empires."
Laurance Wieder
The omnivorous curiosity of Evliya Celebi.
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