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Ronald K. Rittgers
A 16th-century life.
Philip Jenkins
Roman Britain seen afresh.
Craig Mattson and Michael VanderWeele
A conversation with Susan Schreiner.
Timothy Larsen
Margaret Mead, reassessed.
Robert Joustra
French Catholicism and the secular state.
Donald A. Yerxa
Food as an instrument of modern warfare.
Josh Jeter
Dag Hammarsjkold.
P. C. Kemeny
Protestantism and higher education.
Matthew J. Milliner
"A walled city against materialism."
Alan Jacobs
Self-taught architect of a curious and beautiful church.
Allen C. Guelzo
Slavery and the Constitution.
Laurance Wieder
Messianic unease.
Agnes Howard
On female monasticism.
Robert Gundry
The life of a "Jew among the Romans."
Matthew Milliner
How the church has betrayed Christ.
Thomas Albert Howard
The battle over the meaning of Vatican II
Timothy Larsen
Church history for the chronically misinformed.
Daniel Taylor
A sumptuous history of the English castle.
Mark Noll
Round 1.
John Haas
George Washington as civil-religious saint.
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