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Brett Foster

'70s Rock Show as Parable

Hall & Oates' "Because Your Kiss
Is On My List" is on the list,
and AC/DC's "Sin City" and "Magic Man"
by Heart. Give me Eddie Money for my money,
crooning "Two Tickets to Paradise,"
though it's far from that, really, just The Midnight Special
on DVD. Then there's the comedy,
happy distractions as an interlude,
Steve Martin doing his "wild and crazy guy"
routine. Really, who wouldn't enjoy
Burt Sugarman's show? Yet it leaves me
so cold, to be honest, less lasting, less
joyful, bold in a way that ages fast.
There must be a better Legendary Performance,
one to withstand our daily betrayals.
Take my silver and deliver it where you will.
Just promise you'll be sweet to me, or else
kill all that's bitter in this brittle heart.
Start now. Today shall I be with you in—?
KISS's pyro-blast means something, drums
booming. Today shall I pay attention?
I need you to make it as clear as possible.
I have a funny feeling you'll meet me
right here, will abase yourself in marvelous ways.
Rod Stewart would see through it,
but you believe in the least of us.
Somehow even Peter Frampton seems
exemplary, singing on The Midnight Special
with such passion, singing "Show Me the Way."

—Brett Foster is assistant professor of English at Wheaton College.

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