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January/February 2008
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Tom Shippey
William Gibson's new novel.
Luci Shaw
Marly Youmans
In memory of Fae Malania, All Saints Day 2007
LaVonne Neff
Midwifing the American food revolution.
John H. McWhorter
Revisiting Disney's Silly Symphonies.
Paul Cantor
The Lives of Others.
Betty Smartt Carter
A memoir by Frank Schaeffer.
Wayne L. Roosa
Distance and relation.
Timothy Larsen
Not from the Bible.
Jon A. Shields
Who really cares.
John Wilson
Susan Wunderink
Americans teaching abroad.
Ted Olsen
Stanley in Africa.
Susan VanZanten Gallagher
A new book by of of Africa's most promising novelists.
Michael Ward
Recovering the medieval imagination.
John Powell
Whose progress?
Eugene McCarraher
Who's conning who?
Pete Geddes
The Skeptical Environmentalist returns.
Paul Merkley
The Israel lobby.
John B. Buescher
Tibetan Buddhism inside out.
Mark Walhout
Murder in Thailand.
Nate Jones
Reflections on Asian theology.
Philip Jenkins
Christian history, revised.
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