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November/December 2008
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Rudy Nelson
Was the 1958 horror flick created to advance the agenda of a Christian fundamentalist cabal close to the dark heart of American power?
John Wilson
A prescient satire by novelist Christopher Buckley.
Michael Ruse
Looking for Adam's ancestors.
Ron Sider
Stingy Christians in an age of opulence.
George Marsden
God and mammon in 19th-century America.
Mark Noll
Missing pages from church history.
Amos N. Jones
Another angle on Reconstruction.
Bruce Kuklick
How not to think about morality in the international relations.
Timothy Larsen
The improbable life of Florence Nightingale.
Roger Lundin
William James, Alfred Kazin, and the fate of post-Christian Protestantism.
Elesha Coffman
100 Years of The Christian Century.
Crystal Downing
If you haven't seen the 2006 film, catch up with it now.
Scot McKnight
Given, lost, regained.
Agnes R. Howard
We know what's best.
Joseph Loconte
A reissued Reinhold Niebuhr classic sheds light on current follies.
Joseph Bottum
The new novel by Nobel Prize-winner Jose Saramago.
David Skeel
With the Polish poet Adam Zagajewski.
Carlos Eire
Pluralism side-by-side with the Inquisition.
Eugenio F. Biagini
A champion of national self-determination and worldwide democracy.
Brigitte Van Tiggelen and Neil Gussman
The story of DuPont, first in French, then in English.
David A. Hoekema
Celebrating the centenary of composer Olivier Messiaen.
Luci Shaw
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