The Arts
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Sharon Skeel
Ballet in a lively chronicle.
John H. McWhorter
Rewriting the history of American musical theater.
Timothy Larsen
Dick Van Dyke, in his own words.
Makoto Fujimura
The Art of Toshiko Takaezu
Mischa Willett
William Blake's illustrations on biblical themes.
Betty Smartt Carter
Gypsy Rose Lee seen plain.
Christopher Benson
An inheritance from the Greeks.
Naomi Haynes
Pentecostal themes in Nigerian films.
Roy Anker
Cannes 2011
Micah Mattix
Lyrics worth listening to.
Makoto Fujimura
What if there is a Reality behind the reality we know?
Lauren F. Winner
18th-century Britain's passion for porcelain.
Betty Smartt Carter
The life and art of Edith Piaf.
Crystal Downing
What's at stake in 'The Fighter'.
David Martin
A great composer reconceived.
Betty Smartt Carter
The tempestuous life of Sarah Berhhardt
John H. McWhorter
A composer speaks his mind.
Roy Anker
On the films of Terrence Malick.
Jeremy Begbie
The first millennium of singers in the Christian West.
Peter A. Coclanis
The Communist Manifesto Oratorio.
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