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Douglas Wilson
A "biography" of the Book of the Common Prayer.
George Marsden
David Hollinger on liberal Protestantism.
Jesse Covington, Maurice Lee, Sarah Skripsky, and Lesa Stern
4 questions on "Imagining the Kingdom."
John Schmalzbauer
American evangelicalism's "crisis of authority."
Matt Jenson
Oliver O'Donovan's Pentecostal ethics.
Nate Jones
Christianity and Asia.
Mark Noll
Church history, decidedly not parochial.
Edward T. Oakes, sj
Joseph Ratzinger's witness.
Robert Gundry
Reza Aslan's "Zealot."
Alan Jacobs
How Christianity makes "emotional sense."
David Neff
The legacy of Carl F. H. Henry.
Wesley Hill
Rethinking the doctrine of election.
Hans Boersma
The Christocentric legacy of Benedict XVI.
Bruce Foltz
A 7th-century biography.
Stranger in a Strange Land: Kevin Timpe
David L. O'Hara
Against reducing religion to belief.
Stranger in a Strange Land: Eric Miller
Sarah Hinlicky Wilson
Mutual delight with God.
Stephen N. Williams
Attending to the character of biblical testimony.
Stan Guthrie
The unpredictable impact of Jesus.
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