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John Wilson
2006: The Year in Books
Alan Jacobs
Good and bad signage on the information superhighway.
John Wilson
The Top Ten Books of 2006 and the Book of the Year.
John Wilson
"Wayfaring Stranger"
Daniel A. Siedell
Kirk Varnedoe's posthumously published celebration of abstract art should be pondered by Christian culture-critics.
John Wilson
The return of Perry Mason.
Nathan Jones
How to think about chess.
Agnieszka Tennant
Confessions of a Democrat-Skeptic.
Mark Gauvreau Judge
Is there any hope for a once-great American newspaper?
John Wilson
"When the Lord made me, he made a ramblin' man."
Mark Gauvreau Judge
Don't just complain about "the culture"—find the good stuff.
John Wilson
"Infinity always gives me vertigo."
Harold K. Bush, Jr.
Richard Ford concludes his trilogy about Frank Bascombe, first introduced in The Sportwriter.
Amy E. Black
What can we learn from David Kuo's memoir of a Christian in the corridors of power?
Alan Jacobs
How the iPod became "the most familiar, and certainly the most desirable, new object of the twenty-first century."
Cindy Crosby
Mary Oliver's Thirst.
O'Ann Steere
Two books, taking divergent approaches, offer complementary understandings of suicide.
John Wilson
Beeson Divinity School hosts a tribute to J. I. Packer.
Mark Gauvreau Judge reviews The Conservative Soul
Andrew Sullivan's catechism.
Andy Crouch
Andy Crouch writes back to Edward O. Wilson.
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