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Anne Tyler's new novel centers on two very different families brought together when they both adopt Korean girls.
Finding wisdom in wilderness.
A history of the Tour de France.
Revising the history of the "Scientific Revolution."
A volume of new poems from Luci Shaw.
Some critics of Superman Returns
How shall we then eat?
Michael Dirda on reading and life.
A report on The Historical Society's conference earlier this month.
The Gospel according to The New York Times Book Review.
Digging in the dirt as spiritual formation.
Calvin College's 2006 Festival of Faith & Writing.
The Gospel of Judas Roadshow.
A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.
B&C'sannual baseball preview, 2006 edition.
We all love movies that make us laugh, even in the worst of times—and from Annie Hall to Blazing Saddles to The Big Lebowski, there's good theology behind that.
Christians in the art world.
A report from the Calvin Symposium.
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