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D. Michael Lindsay
A model for civic leadership that takes religious pluralism seriously.
John G. Turner
Pro-life activism and participatory democracy.
Jane Zwart
Aravind Adiga's 2008 Booker Man Prize-winning novel.
Donald A. Yerxa
What books should I keep? What stories do they tell?
Bruce Hindmarsh
Charles Wesley gets his turn.
Lauren F. Winner
Where things stand in Jewish-Christian dialogue.
Kate Bowler
Korean American evangelicals.
John Wilson
What the Roman Empire and the newspaper industry have in common.
Theodore Prescott, Bruce Herman, James Romaine, Bruce Ellis Benson, and James Elkins
Allen C. Guelzo
Blame Abe.
Betty Smartt Carter
Katherine Anne Porter, "grandchild of a lost War."
James Bratt
A new history of U.S. foreign policy.
Dale E. Soden
Lessons from reform movements a century ago.
A. Donald Macleod
Remembering George Eldon Ladd
Bernice Martin
Growing up Pentecostal.
Steven D. Ealy
James Fenimore Cooper.
Richard W. Etulain
Celebrating Wallace Stegner's centenary.
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