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November/December 2009
The long-awaited new book by Neil Sheehan, author of "A Bright Shining Lie."
The state of U2 studies.
How can we fix our primary and secondary schools?
Have our colleges and universities lost sight of their purpose?
What we don’t know about homeschooling.
The character of the DDR.
Dionysian faith.
Why the question matters.
Three noteworthy titles from a big stack on the life of our greatest president.
Isabel Dalhousie's latest adventures.
Looking behind accusations of witchcraft.
Can the practice be explained by reference to non-Western "cultural norms"?
The beauty of Johnny Depp's John Dillinger.
Drama queens of early Italian cinema.
Early poems by William Stafford.
Two Italian poets in excellent translations.
—for Franz Wright
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