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Roy Anker
The Academy Award-winner for Best Film.
Peter T. Chattaway
Alien as messiah?
Gary M. Burge
Jesus from a Middle Eastern perspective.
Richard J.Mouw
Cornelius Van Til never forgot it.
D. Michael Lindsay
Pierre Bourdieu's legacy.
Nicholas Wolterstorff
The implications of craftsmanship.
Edward Short
An omnibus volume of Flann O'Brien's novels.
Ronald A. Wells
Ireland's neutrality during World War II
Mark Noll
Remembering Ogbu Kalu and Richard John Neuhaus.
John Wilson
David Slavitt translates Lucretius and Boethius.
Laurance Wieder
Susan M. Felch
A conversation with Uwem Akpan.
Agnieszka Tennant
A conversation with Jean Bethke Elshtain
Alan Jacobs
Nature and culture among the roses.
Nate Jones
After Eden.
Joel Carpenter
Revivalist Christianity and Global South politics.
Dana L. Robert
Pentecostalism in Zimbabwe.
Jehu J. Hanciles
The Africanness of African Pentecostalism.
Mary Noll Venables
Religious identity in the Synod of Ulster, 1770-1840.
Andrew R.Holmes
The evolution of Ian Paisley and the movement he led.
James Calvin Schaap
Righteousness, filthy rags, and a mission cemetery.
Paul C. Merkley
In the archives of the Israeli-Palestine conflict
Virginia and David Owens
Squabbling over the Holy Sepulchre.
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