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July/August 2009
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How to resist cozy, lazy, government monopolies.
A conversation with historian Barry Strauss, author of a new book on Spartacus.
Mexican filmmaker Carlos Reygadas.
Two contrasting movies on the Nazi era.
A conversation with Francis Collins.
Did Protestant biblical exegesis play a vital role in the formation of modern science?
A conversation about Pentecostalism with Donald E. Miller.
John Goldingay's Old Testament theology.
Robert Alter's artful guide to unpacking the Psalms.
Poets on the Psalms.
Have they always gone together?
How not to read hagiography.
William Hazlitt, essayist.
Two books on C.S. Lewis remind us that we are endlessly involved with one another.
Penelope Fitzgerald and the story of a British family.
Restoring rivers and memories.
Religious liberty and national security.
Religion and U.S. foreign policy in the first phase of the Cold War.
A conversation with Phil Vischer.
How the automotive aftermarket performance industry drives innovation.
The lyrics of Oscar Hammerstein.
A collection of stories from Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
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