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January/February 2009
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Bill Mckibben
The unmentionable world of human waste.
John McWhorter
How the English language evolved.
Timothy Larsen
Nine stories of "evangelical disenchantment."
N. D. Wilson
An atheist and a pastor square off—with surprising results.
James Calvin Schaap
Righteous acts, filthy rags, and a mission cemetery.
Crystal Downing
Last year's Oscar winner for Best Foreign Language Film is a study in gray.
John Wilson
A new selection in two volumes.
Amos N. Jones
The seedbed of Martin Luther King Jr.'s, greatest speech.
Paul Harvey
The living tradition of Sacred Harp singing.
Stanley G. Payne
The senior terrorist organization in the world.
Andrew Morriss
Two economies, two tales.
LaVonne Neff
Meet Dame Frevisse, a 15th-century sleuth.
Lauren F. Winner
Church and state in Sarah Ruhl's Passion Play.
Alan Jacobs
Auden at midcentury.
Daniel Taylor
Eliot's Four Quartets
Miroslav Volf
The grounds for human flourishing.
Michael W. McConnell
Reformed influences on America's founding principles.
Stephen H. Webb
Carl Schmitt, anti-Semitism, and liberal democracy.
David Maxwell
An apostolic movement in Zimbabwe that rejects the Bible as a source of authority.
David Martin
Swiss missionaries in southern Africa.
Russell W. Howell
Suppose a negative times a negative doesn't equal a positive.
Karl-Dieter Crisman
The curious history of the Riemann Hypothesis.
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