Religion & Theology
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Terry C. Muck
The story of a great story.
Joshua P. Hochschild
A "biography" of Thomas Aquinas's masterwork.
Justin Taylor
George Whitefield sans hagiography.
Peter Choi
Whitefield’s place in American history.
Amy L. B. Peeler
A 1st-century Christian and a 9th-century church in Rome.
Daniel Taylor
Reading Tomáš Halík.
Robert Gundry
Pandora’s, that is.
Mark Peters
Jeremy Begbie’s “essays in listening.”
Mark Noll
The inner life of an 18th-century Protestant capitalist.
Timothy Larsen
Mrs. Humphry Ward’s “Robert Elsmere.”
Russell W. Howell
"By good and necessary consequence."
Amy Brown Hughes
Rethinking persecution and martyrdom in the early church.
Philip Jenkins
The early Arab conquests and the rise of Islam.
John G. Stackhouse, Jr.
“This is true religion.”
Alan G. Padgett
Sarah Coakley on sex, desire, and the Trinity.
Rachel Marie Stone
Doing what we’re created to do.
Wesley Hill
On Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
Candy Gunther Brown
Integrating heart and mind.
Rachel Marie Stone
"You can't franchise the Kingdom of God."
Darren Dochuk
The "born-again" years.
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