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July/August 2010
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Jane Beal
A dual biography.
Bruce Kuklick
The connection between political philosophy and presidential effectiveness.
Paul Harvey
Recovering a forgotten tradition.
Roger E. Olson
A successor to Reinhold Niebuhr.
Susan Wise Bauer
They're nice, but they don't know how to think.
Karl E. Johnson
Sabbath-keeping reconsidered.
Agnieszka Tennant
A conversation with Adam Zagajewski.
Alan Jacobs
Love of books, love of reading: not the same thing.
Alf Walgermo
The enigmatic life of Knut Hamsun.
Christopher Benson
Changing conceptions of the afterlife.
Eugenio F. Biagini
A history of modern Italy.
Katelyn Beaty
A film that mines pain’s treasures.
Alister Chapman
No wall of separation.
Amy L. Sherman
On the front lines of the battle against sex trafficking and forced prostitution.
Jerry Pattengale
The contested terrain of moral education.
Paul A. Cantor
A film about the Baader Meinhof Group.
James D. Bratt
America and the revolutions of 1848.
Bernice Martin
The life of Friedrich Engels.
Peter A. Coclanis
The Communist Manifesto Oratorio.
Alan Jacobs
Stranger in a Strange Land: John Wilson
Mark Noll
Laurance Wieder
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