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March/April 2003
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Gerald McDermott
Evangelicals and Israel
Mark Noll
How ordinary belivers found their voice through song
Alan Jacobs
Piecing together the ancient poetic fragments of Sappho
John D. Spalding
A visit to the cradle of Methodism
Eric Metaxas
Gangs of New York and the apotheosis of Martin Scorsese
Ralph C. Wood
The Two Towers and the seductiveness of spectacle
Phil Christman
A sci-fi—and psy-fi—journey into space
Agnieszka Tennant
How are our actions judged?
Douglas LeBlanc
Seeking substance and servanthood in a self-help genre
Jim Ohlson
An FBI colleague on the life of Robert Hanssen
C. Christopher Hook
The menace of nanotechnology in storytelling and science
Alan Wolfe
Reckoning with evil
Philip Jenkins
The paradoxes of a chosen nation
William R. Shea
Reconciling the written Word with the starry skies
Arthur Menke
Nuanced testimony in a new mission field: the theater
Hans Boersma
Metaphors, models, and the meaning of the atonement.
Thomas S. Kidd
The little-known role of Indian wars in an infamous historical episode
David A. Skeel, Jr.
Tracing market ideology in Protestant evangelical thought
Stephen Smith
The prevalence of debt in an oasis of prosperity
Betty Carter
Two lives drawn to God
David Chappell
Race and labor aboard the iron horse
Richard Mouw
Arguing About God, Arguing with God: Remembering Lew Smedes
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