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September/October 2003
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Robert B. Sloan Jr.
Salt, Light,and Affirmative Action
Laurance Wieder
Two Arab poets-one Palestinian, the other Iraqi- and the vicissitudes of exile and translation
Barry Hankins
The consolations of frontier religion
Tim Stafford
How can you tell a prophet from a fruitcake? (Hint: If you're instructed to murder someone, be skeptical)
Victor Reppert
Apologetics and the personal heresy
John R. Franke
Karl Barth, postmodernity, and evangelical theology
Michael Cromartie
A conversation with Jean Bethke Elshtain
Jeffrey Overstreet
An epidemic of anger at the cineplex
Russ Breimeier
Retelling the gospel in a new rock opera
S.T. Karnick
John D. Witvliet
Making good choices in an era of liturgical change
Bryan D. Spinks
Frederica Mathewes-Green
Andrw Jones
Michael S. Horton
William Westfall
Douglas A. Sweeney
The precarious life and hard times of religion in the university
Andrew P. Morriss
Ecomonics and the secular faith in progress
Philip Jenkins
Douglas Jones
Catherine H. Crouch
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