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January/February 2003
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Martin E. Marty
Mark Noll's magnum opus
Philip Jenkins
Two histories of religion in America
Carla Barnhill
A conversation with Nancy and David Guthrie
John Ito
The mystery of the missing years
John H. McWhorter
Is there any there there?
Bruce Kuklick
Ben Franklin, re-appraised.
Mark Oppenheimer
The changing face of religious authority in America
Peter T. Chattaway
The Man Without a Past
Jeff M. Sellers
Frida seeks to shock but ends up prettifying its subject
David Marshall
Rediscovering the ancient roots of Chinese Christianity
Robert Wuthnow
How Congregations Serve
Agnieszka Tennant
A conversation with Ram Cnaan
Daniel J. Mahoney
In both senses of the word
Chandra Mallampalli
The myth of the holy cow
Daniel R. Miller
Manifest Destiny on the Loose
Karl W. Giberson
Is our cosmos the whole kaboodle, or is it merely one among an infinite number of universes?
Christopher Shannon
Rethinking the Catholic university
Nathan Bierma
Looking beneath the surface of pop culture
Stephen N. Williams
A conversation with Tom Morris
Paige Hochschild
Philosophy as a way of life
Douglas Groothuis
What counts as thinking?
When Disrespect is Respectful
When Disrespect is Respectful
John Wilson
The Death and Life of Bonnie Witherall
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