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July/August 2003
The Civil War and the creation of an American civil religion
What's worth celebrating in Gods and Generals—and what's not
The religious world of Civil War soldiers
Two Views of Lincoln
A conversation with historian Jay Winik
A discovery that altered the course of the war
The book that started the Civil War.
Do we know this country too well?
Land of happy slaves and gracious masters.
Slavery and the biblical curse of Ham.
Emancipation reconsidered
It's not easy to say something new about the end of the world
Gogol and the making of Russian literature
A murderous saint's life
A new doubting Thomas finds few answers
Looking for fissures in establishment atheist philosophy
The restless journey of a Holocaust descendant
The need for a critical mass in the Fourth Estate
The moral messages and political overtones of war films
Marketing to teens and tweens
The Dissenters Club
Remembering Carol Thiessen
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