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Rachel Stone
A theology of eating.
Allison Backous
A strangely compelling memoir.
Susanna Childress
A sanguine vexation, via Elvis, Mary Todd Lincoln, & Amerigo Vespucci.
Thomas S. Kidd
Ethan Allen: deist, patriot, military hero, bestselling author.
Brett Foster
Midtown Scholar in Harrisburg, PA.
Andrew Wilson
A witty visual chronicle.
Daniel Bowman, Jr.
Rediscovering "The New Physics."
Brett Foster
An English village in the 21st century.
Jason Byassee
How NOT to write about leadership.
Alissa Wilkinson
Self-taught artist Eugene Von Bruenchenhein.
Marcus Goodyear
Stephen Hague's "Deficit in Several Parts."
Harold K. Bush, Jr.
"The Hospitable Text: New Approaches to Religion & Literature."
Thomas S. Kidd
The original Tea Party.
Jerry Walls
Redemption in Knockemstiff.
Collin Hansen
Blaming evangelicals for "America's greatest failure."
Alissa Wilkinson
A story of a family in a time of war.
Amy Black
How our political institutions work.
Mischa Willett
Michael Dickman's new book of poems.
Heather Whitney
Remembering a stellar professor of physics.
Micah Mattix
Apocalypse now.
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