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Brett Foster
Reading Thomas Browne for Halloween.
John Wilson
David Ulin's memoirish defense of reading "in a distracted time."
Robert Elder
A new perspective on racial reconciliation in Mississippi.
John Wilson
The third installment in the adventures of Chet and Bernie
Paul C. Merkley
Recovering the history behind the slogans.
Thomas S. Kidd
Did Americans have less freedom after the Revolution?
Lauren Winner
A splendid annotated edition of Jane Austen's most famous novel.
Aaron Belz
Andrei Codrescu teaches a class, reminisces, howls, and ruminates.
Lauren Winner
A diverting ramble on the history of the finger.
Neil Gussman
A sprightly mixture of memoir and history of science.
Rodney Clapp
A new novel by Rick Bass, on fame and its cruel vagaries.
Lauren Winner
The pleasures of (re-) reading Barbara Holland.
LaVonne Neff
Michael Connelly's dark but hopeful world.
Christopher Benson
Mary Midgley's tonic against misreading Darwin.
Elrena Evans
An intensely personal history of a ubiquitous cell line.
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