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Sarah Hinlicky Wilson
Mutual delight with God.
Stephen N. Williams
Attending to the character of biblical testimony.
Eugene McCarraher
Against Chrapitalism.
Stan Guthrie
The unpredictable impact of Jesus.
Michael Robbins
The crumpled tissues and loose change of the vernacular.
John H. McWhorter
What we learn from California Indian languages.
Alister Chapman
Cricket and the aftermath of colonialism.
Alan Jacobs
What is a "graphic novel"?
Philip Jenkins
A neglected aspect of the "other Inkling."
Naomi Schaefer Riley
Embedded reporting from the Millennial front.
Allen C. Guelzo
Slavery and the Constitution.
Laurance Wieder
Messianic unease.
Richard J. Mouw
About that "white grandfatherly God."
Helen Rittelmeyer
Memories of a British education in Kenya.
Agnes Howard
On female monasticism.
Kirk Farney
Fulton J. Sheen, preacher par excellence.
Crystal Downing
Or, Anna Karenina's Silver Linings Playbook.
Robert Gundry
The life of a "Jew among the Romans."
Stranger in a Strange Land: John Wilson
Marly Youmans
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