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September/October 2009
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Alan Jacobs
Jews with swords.
Mark Valeri
Predestination in America.
John Wilson
Thomas Pynchon's private eye.
Philip Jenkins
The curious history of the Ten Lost Lost Tribes.
Timothy Larsen
Oil and water, or gin and tonic?
Shirley Nelson
A biography of the intrepid Mary Slessor, missionary to Nigeria.
Robert H. Gundry
The Gospel of Mark, existentialized.
Scot McKnight
Volume 2 of a major commentary on Mark.
David Martin
It depends on what you mean and where you look.
Roger Lundin
Emily Dickinson and the loss of belief.
Vincent Bacote
A Reformed critique.
Curtis J. Evans
Churches, plural.
David R. Swartz
21st-century evangelicals.
Peter Goodwin Heltzel
Why race is first and foremost a theological problem.
Bernice Martin
A manifesto against noise pollution.
Jane Zwart
Early and uncollected stories by Mavis Gallant.
John Cox
The argument fails to persuade.
David Paul Deavel
How GKC subverts the subversives.
Edward Short
An illuminating new biography of Chesterton.
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