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January/February 2006
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Kenneth G. Elzinga
Contra the anarchists.
Roy Anker
The life and films of Sweden's great director.
Craig Mattson
Wayne Booth reconsidered.
Paul Charles Merkley
Israel's most relentless critic.
John Wilson
Neil Gussman
An American weapon that has never killed an enemy but still claims innocent victims.
William Edgar
Rediscovering the witness of Hans Rookmaaker.
Allen Guelzo
A matter of conviction.
Mary Noll Venables
The rest of the story.
N. D. Wilson
Andrea R. Nagy
How the OED was made.
Lauren F. Winner
In search of a counterculture for the common good.
Stan Guthrie
How India's former "untouchables" are finding freedom.
Brian Howell
Conversion in a Papua New Guinea community.
Abram Van Engen
The life and art of Henry Roth.
Don W. King
Michael Ward
Gerald R. McDermott
Is Mormonism the first new world religion since the birth of Islam?
Laurie F. Maffly-Kipp
Placing Joseph Smith in America's story.
Alan Jacobs
Dr. Johnson and his Dictionary.
D. G. Hart
Making it up.
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