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November/December 2002
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Article Preview
Philip Jenkins
Is Europe a special case?
David Martin
Where Christianity is thriving
John Stenhouse
A new history
John G. Stackhouse, Jr
They're not dropping out. They're dropping in.
Roy Anker
The spiritual imagination of M. Night Shyamalan
Richard P. Hansen
Faith and unbelief
Betty Smartt Carter
A young convert to Orthodox Judaism converts to Christianity
Preston Jones
Hitchens and Orwell
Margaret O'Brien Steinfels
Why we need journals of opinion
David Dark
Looking hard with Elvis Costello
Wendy Murray Zoba
Ojibwe singers enact hope through hymns
Donald A. Yerxa
A conversation with Peter Nabokov about Indian ways of history
Nathan Bierma
After the fall
Timothy Sato
A conversation with Donald Miller about global Pentecostalism
Jeremy Lott
Harold Bloom's post-Christian nation ten years on
David Noll
Daniel A. Siedell
Joseph Loconte
How Christians can avoid a persecution complex
Donald A. Yerxa
William A. Dembski
Will Katerberg
Special Pleading?
Scott Cairns
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