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Alan Jacobs
Who's in charge?
Donald A. Yerxa
Rediscovering climate's impact on history
John Wilson
Are modern humans the survivors of hundreds of episodes of rapid global cooling?
Richard Weikart
Notorious today as the founding father of eugenics, Francis Galton was honored as one of the leading scientists of his day.
Steve Weinberg
On a February night ten years ago, Roger de la Burde never woke up from a nap on his sofa.
Julia Vitullo-Martin
The American jury.
Lucas E. Morel
Ralph Ellison and the music of American possibility
W. Dale Brown
A conversation with novelist and playwright Elizabeth Dewberry
Philip Jenkins
Religion and the new immigrants
Michael G. Maudlin
If Jesus is who he says he is, then Jesus should be where he says he will be …
Peter T. Chattaway
The impossibility of being celibate
James Turner
The unconversion of a Victorian prophet
David A. Skeel, Jr.
Enron claimed to be a business unlike any the nation had ever seen
Lauren F. Winner
What has really changed for women since the Fifties
Carla Barnhill
And why they need to take responsibility for the spiritual nurture of their kids.
David Lyle Jeffrey
Spiritual exegesis and the retrieval of authority
Tony Jones
Last in a series of responses to Brian McLaren's book, A New Kind of Christian.
Brian D. McLaren
Christians in postmodern times
Virginia Stem Owens
Believers in the Middle East and Asia Minor
Tim Stafford
Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address.
Allen C. Guelzo
Was the Constitution rotten at the core?
Christopher Shannon
How not to write the history of the Reformation
Eric Metaxas
The Corrections.
John Wilson
Are We Still Modern, Mommy?
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