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Kenneth Moore Startup
In search of Native America
Crystal Downing
Indians in the Movies
Diane Glancy
A story.
Kenneth Moore Startup
Andrew Jackson and Indian removal
Eric Metaxas
A movie that takes evil seriously
Todd Hertz
A new film version of The Count of Monte Cristo emphasizes faith, but with a strange twist.
Philip Jenkins
The future of Christianity
Michael Cromartie
A conversation with Francis Fukuyama
James M. Penning and Corwin E. Smidt
A widely cited 1987 study by James Davison Hunter claimed that students at evangelical colleges were becoming increasingly secularized and abandoning their orthodox faith commitments—and predicted that this trend would continue. A new study reviews the ev
Alan Jacobs
Computer Control, Part 2
Philip Yancey and John Wilson
After September 11, books about Islam and the Middle East shot to the top of the bestseller charts. American readers sought to learn more about a religion that had inspired such zealotry, however misguided, and about a portion of the world that erupts in violence almost daily. Several months later, Books & Culture editor John Wilson and regular contributor Philip Yancey found themselves on a panel discussing a sampling of books that shed light on these issues.
Richard Lischer
Face to face with slavery
Clayton E. Cramer
Guns and the English
Elizabeth Fox-Genovese
Stephen Carter's first novel offers a compelling mystery
Andy Crouch
What I learned from reading 34 Christian novels
Betty Smartt Carter
Three novels that get out and about
Mark Walhout
A theology of reading.
Bruce Ellis Benson
A conversation with philosopher Charles Taylor
David S. Dockery
How to think with the mind of Christ.
Christopher Shannon
William James and consumer religion
John H. McWhorter
Neither syntax nor semantics maps the full richness of everyday speech.
John Wilson
Mixedblood Trickster
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