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January/February 2002
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Gabriel Said Reynolds
Demonic charlatan or moral exemplar? The church's mixed response to Islam's prophet.
Peter T. Chattaway
Mixing fiction and documentary, a film from Iran explores the Taliban's heart of darkness.
Agnieszka Tennant
A conversation with Patrick Gaffney illumines the world of Muslim believers—what they have in common; what divides them—and the varieties of Islamic preaching
Jean Bethke Elshtain
Jane Addams and the dream of American democracy
Andy Crouch
Yes, the church needs to get past modernity's impersonal techniques. But adding the prefix post doesn't solve anything
John H. McWhorter
Really? Richard Rodgers, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and the fate of American musical theater.
Joel C. Sheesley
Contemporary artists in dialogue with the past
Edith Blumhofer
The inner world of early Pentecostals
Bethany Torode
The natural history of human reproduction.
Aaron Belz
Should the creator of the Lord of the Rings be acknowledged as the foremost author of the twentieth century?
Wendy Murray Zoba
There's power in the blood in the ruins of Copán
Jeremy Lott
Why the WTO protestors had it wrong.
Stephen N. Williams
Language and truth in the Christian literary tradition
David N. Livingstone
Why the WTO protestors had it wrong
Karl W. Giberson
Part 3: Summing Newton up.
Elizabeth (Buff) Cox
The Church on the World's Turf
John Wilson
A prizewinning work of history doesn't stand up to examination.
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