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Mark A. Noll
The coming of global Christianity.
Philip Jenkins
The fastest-growing religious group?
Stephen N. Williams
The global ministry of John Stott
Telford Work
The fan club strikes back
Gabriel Said Reynolds
Sayings and stories
Julia Vitullo-Martin
Questions for postmodern Christians
Chandra S. Mallampalli
What the history of high politics doesn't tell about the creation of Pakistan.
Alan Jacobs
In the wake of September 11, everyone was quoting W.H Auden's September 1, 1939. But Auden himself repudiated the poem's most famous lines.
Bethany Davis Noll
Films of the Soviet Sixties
Douglas Jones
Christian's story in Moulin Rouge
Christopher C. Harmon
Al-Qaeda and Aum Shinrikyo
Gaylen Byker
A conversation with Palestinian spokesperson Hanan Ashrawi on the plight of her people and the prospects for peace with Israel.
Andrew Chignell
Alvin Plantinga's magnum opus
David P. Gushee
The Church, the Nazis, and the Holocaust
Peter Ochs
A new translation and commentary.
Mark Dever
Questions for postmodern Christians
Karl W. Giberson
A conversation with Templeton Prize-winning physicist Paul Davies
Lauren F. Winner
Questions for postmodern Christians
Emily Oren
The feast day of St. Elias
John Wilson
Where, in the passionate and sometimes acrimonious debate over worship today, is there any sustained reflection on the Eucharist?
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