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Peter T. Chattaway
Douglas L. LeBlanc
Television is stupid, sleazy, and violent. It rots the brain and turns little children into insatiable consumers. So why do we watch it?
David Bebbington
The amazing balance of enlightened rationalism and Puritan piety in the evangelicalism of John Newton.
John C. Ortberg, Jr.
If congregations do not adapt to a rapidly changing environment, they will become extinct.
Michael Cromartie
Os Guinness wants to restore our sense of God-given vocations.
Mark Noll
Steven J. Keillor
John Wolffe
Discerning the hand of Providence in American history.
Joy Alexander
Lake Wobegon confronts postmodernity.
Martin Wroe
While Garrison Keillor may have doubts about the faith, he knows the church (too well).
Marvin R. O'Connell
Two histories of the papacy.
Roger Lundin
How Protestant interpreters of the Bible are recovering the neglected riches of tradition.
C. Stephen Evans
John Wilson
Theology and biblical studies in the life of the church.
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