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September/October 1998
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David Neff, Executive Editor
Roy Anker
A farm couple's life makes for genuine hard copy.
Lauren F. Winner
Girls' stuff, kiddie lit, and U.S. history.
Rodney Clapp
Diane Komp
Lionel Basney
Tim Stafford
Betty Smartt Carter
John G. Stackhouse, Jr.
Susan Howatch weaves a tangled spiritual web for her Anglican clerics.
Karl Giberson, Kent Hill, & Donald Yerxa
Michael J. Behe
Does "chance" rule out God? Does near-impossibility require him?
Michael Cromartie
Muslim "protection" of Christians and Jews has actually been oppression, says scholar Bat Ye'or.
Habib C. Malik
Once free and equal, Lebanon's Christians now struggle against tremendous odds in a country dominated by Syrian politics and an increasingly Islamized culture.
Patrick Henry Reardon
How Pavel Florensky restored what Ockham stole.
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